KPUM-JSICM-NUS-MIT-ANZICS Critical Data Workshops & Datathon 2019

Past Datathon-Paris

Paris January 20-21, 2018

Unlike Madrid, the project proposals and team-building phase started twenty days before with groups from Google and completed a week before the Datathon. On Saturday morning clinicians from the MIT-LCP, the APHP and the French ICU society opened the event and introduced the tools that were available for project development. Also, it was at this event that the APHP database was unveiled: the first European online database that resembles MIMIC and currently the biggest medical aggregation. The Datathon ended on Sunday with a talk from Hitachi followed by an awards ceremony. Of note, Google was involved in the MIMIC – OMOP development and was also represented as a team in the competition.
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[1] OMOP is a standard format for modeling SGBD and harmonizing data exploitation