KPUM-JSICM-NUS-MIT-ANZICS Critical Data Workshops & Datathon 2019

Past Datathon-Tokyo

Tokyo February 24-25, 2018

The 1st Big Data Machine Learning in Healthcare Datathon in Japan was held at the Tokyo Dental and Medical University following the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine's Annual Congress. This two day conference first held in Japan was comprised of seven lectures, 11 hands-on workshops, and a mini-Datathon (half day version of the Datathon style workshop). Participants from various sectors, from students and professionals in healthcare related fields to programmers, gathered to analyze data from MIMIC, the ANZICS APD (adult patients database), and JIPAD (Japanese ICU patients database) to answer six prefixed clinical questions, with one winning team selected at the end of the event. Collaborative efforts for publications have continued beyond the Datathon and we look forward to seeing more during our second year.