TMDU-MIT-NUS-ANZICS-JSICM Critical Data Workshops and Datathon 2023


Hi, everyone,
We are pleased to announce that the 3rd Big Data Machine Learning in Healthcare in Japan (Datathon-Japan 2023) will be held at Tokyo Medical and Dental University from September 1 (Friday) to 3 (Sunday), 2023. Following the first two-day event and the second four-day event which was the first full-scale event of its kind in Japan, 3rd one will be a 3-day session. After a three-year blank due to the COVID-19 disaster, the Datathon will be held for the third time in Tokyo. The Datathon aims to contribute to the construction of EBM by maximizing the statistical findings obtained through the analysis of big data accumulated in the medical field in cooperation with experts from other fields. In recent years, this enlightening experiment has been held frequently in various parts of the world, and has achieved great recognition and success. Although the necessity of this initiative is indisputable, it has been reaffirmed in Japan after the rare crisis of COVID-19 infection. This is a meaningful workshop that is expected to attract the participation and exchange of many enthusiastic professionals, including doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who agree with the goal of introducing statistical concepts into medicine and healthcare, together with data scientists with expertise in AI and machine learning, statisticians and researchers who are active in university companies, and others. We are now in the process of planning the program to make it more attractive to participants, based on the know-how and experiences we have gained from the past two training sessions, and by taking into account the opinions from various fields. We look forward to seeing you in Tokyo in next September.

Chair-in-chief Satoru Hashimoto, Non Profit Organization, ICU Collaboration Network(ICON)

皆様 いかがお過ごしでしょうか?
さて、このたび3rd Big Data Machine Learning in Healthcare in Japan(Datathon-Japan 2023)を、東京医科歯科大学において、2023年9月1日(金)~3日(日)の日程で開催する運びとなりました。2日間の日程にて開催した第1回、日本で初めての本格的な開催となり第2回(4日間)を受け、さらにコロナ禍による3年間のブランクを経ての、3度目の開催となります。

代表世話人 橋本  悟(NPO法人集中治療コラボレーションネットワーク理事長)