TMDU-MIT-NUS-ANZICS-JSICM Critical Data Workshops and Datathon 2023


A Datathon is a hackathon-like event in which data scientists and experts in a certain field gather and work side by side with the aim of tackling major questions in the field through the analysis of big data. Real-life clinical problems will be proposed by physicians, and participants will have the opportunity to discover meaningful insights and solutions from databases from three different continents; the MIMIC Database, ANZICS APS, and JIPAD.

At our event, we will offer hands-on workshops and lectures during the first day. The following two will be for "hacking”, where participants will apply what they have learnt while analyzing health data. Participants with various backgrounds will work together with the shared goal of addressing the problems proposed, and teams will present their analyses on the final day. The steering committee will select and award the best 3 projects based on clinical relevance, the novelty of the topic, the methodology, and the quality of the presentation. Teams are then encouraged to write and publish papers based on their discoveries.

The IT infrastructure is managed by the experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the National University of Singapore, and other academic institutes. Mentors from the forefront in the field will also serve as mentors and facilitators during the event. Invited speakers, company representatives, and other stakeholders will engage in presentations and talks, and there will be various networking opportunities throughout the event.


本イベントは、ハッカソン形式で臨床ビッグデータを多職種のチームで解析していく3日間の企画です。医療者からデータサイエンティスト、研究者、そして学生が集まり、実際の医療課題の解決に向け、三大陸からの臨床データベース(米国のMIMIC、オーストラリアのANZICS APS、そして国内のJIPAD)を解析していきます。